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Website Development, we do websites from R1500 for a three page HTML to a full International eCommerce Solution.

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If you have prepared a scope of work, please email it so us.

Typical Website Building Process.

Taking on a Website Building Project can be daunting. Where do you start, what must be done and when and by whom. Are there set stages to assist in the process. Here is a process that can be used, or adapted as required. No matter how small the website project, there must be thought and planning in order for the developers and designers to know what is required. Jumping in the deep end and and building without a clear end point will always end in a disappointing and frustrating ending. Expectations cannot be realised if they are not known and accurately measured and expressed.

  • What is the Purpose of the Websites?
  • What are the sites Goals?
  • Who and Where is your Market?
  • What information is required?
  • Draft Site Structure
  • Finalise Site Map
  • Technology to use
  • Cost Estimates
  • Website Timing
  • Resource allocation
  • Who is on the Team
  • Who are the Decision Makers
  • Concept Agreement
  • Set Up Wireframes
  • Graphic Mockups
  • Design finalisations
  • Sourcing Graphics
  • Content Summaries
  • SEO Considerations
  • Sign Off Designs
  • Branding Checks
  • Finalise Developers
  • Developer Team Leader
  • Development/coding Begins
  • Site Structure & Styling
  • Test against mockups and update
  • Complete development
  • Prepare for Testing
  • Test separate Modules
  • Check code standards
  • After testing, upload to destination server
  • Re-test on online server
  • Optimize as required
  • Re-test on all Browsers
  • Audit SEO
  • Launch Website
  • List Bugs as reported
  • Update as required - ongoing
  • Update Software - ongoing
  • Security Checks - update - ongoing
  • Update Content - ongoing
  • Check hosting resources - ongoing
  • Update hosting packages and domain/s
  • Backup site - ongoing at all phase levels and ongoing for site lifetime
  • Backup Backup Backup